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‘Aureole… an artist and lover of life since conceived. She was influenced by artistic and musical parents, and art in all senses/ genres/ spheres and life experience have contributed to her creativity and development as an artist and tattooist. Aureole was predominately inspired by underground punk, rock and gothic subcultures.
Aureole’s tattoo practice has spanned 15 yrs, and is still going strong thanks to travelling and the amazing tattooists she has met, being inspired by and had the pleasure of working with.
Her most cherished medium, tattooing has evolved/devolved with reoccurring themes and motifs from history, art deco, art nouveau, sculpture, Chinese and Japanese art, printmaking, propaganda imagery, illustration, and dark realism- melded with her deep love for anatomy. Using a minimal palette, composed of mainly blacks and reds, Aureole’s styles delves into the realms of graphic neotraditional, illustrative realism, and abstract collage of text and imagery. She believes a tattoo should stand the test of time, have strength in its clean lines and compliment the body.’

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Sou is a Korean tattooist who has a flare for Japanese and large oriental style tattoos. [PORTFOLIO]

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BROOKE Lust For Life Tattoo Gallery Espresso - Staff -cropped-20140929-030

Brooke draws from a host of artistic influences to create her cute and fun tattoos, her favourites being centred around feminine and floral designs and executed in an illustrative neo traditional style. [PORTFOLIO]

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DAVID Lust For Life Tattoo Gallery Espresso - Staff -cropped-20140929-025

David’s tattooing is strong in many forms & styles, but has a focus on bold neo-traditional, with darker themes and illustrative tricks. [PORTFOLIO]

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Mat Fink

Mat Fink - Lust For Life Tattoo

A diverse and well traveled artist, Mat Fink draws influence from every new environment he finds himself in. His pursuit of art stems from a skateboarding and hip hop influence, with many of his graffiti exploits being featured in a number of local and international publications. Ten years as a sailor in the Navy and then apprenticing under Paulie Surridge saw his initial work in tattooing have a heavy focus on the traditional style, while his graffiti background ensured his letter forms were always on point. Since working with different artists in his travels, his skill set has expanded a great deal…now most enjoying working in realistic black and grey/portraiture, bright colour work especially with flora and fauna subject matter, some ornamental geometric work, and pieces with neo-traditional elements.

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