Dearest beautiful people’s, friends, and family.
It is with heartfelt regret and heavy sadness that ‘Lust For Life Tattoo’ must come to an end.. With end’s new beginnings arise and this is the path I must take.
ALL deposits and gift vouchers will be honoured with all the tattooists at LFL, so there are no worries concerning money for anyone.
All tattooists are now looking after their own appointments and hold your deposits/ or vouchers. They will contact appropriate people regarding their bookings – same day.. Same time.. Just a different location.
You can contact and follow:
SOU @soutattoo -Westside Tattoo.
LILY @henstooth -Black Throne Tattoo
BROOKE @bklynbeee – guesting at Feline Lucky
DAVID @davidransom – guesting at Feline Lucky.
.. And myself @aureoletattoo.
I’ll be doing a guest spot and will update all soon. Please bare with me. Any concerns just contact me via email or direct message on Instagram
I would like to invite you all to an eve of celebration of what has been and what yet may be. A salute to Lust For Life Tattoo. At the CROWBAR @crowbarbris SUNDAY 18th after dark. Please come and enjoy some music, dancing, and booze and go out with a BANG!!
It’s been an amazing and growing journey over the past 5 years, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet/ work/play with some incredible people. My heart to you all.
My immense gratitude and love to Tanya  Kennedy for standing by me, supporting me, and her loyal hard work, helping to keep LFL on her toes and spread a bit of  sparkle day in and day out. Loveyagutz.
My soulful gratitude to the tattooists/ tattooers that I shared space with, laughed, splashed ink, and soo much more.. Sou, Sammy Winks, Richie Blackheart, Stevie Scott, Peta, Brooke, David Ransom, Mat Fink, Lily and all the amazing guest tattooists… Xxx
Big love and huge thanks to the people that are part of and made LFL. These humans made it fun and run as smoothly as possible.. Jane, Illy, Nirmala, Savy-pea, Crystal, Ange, Nick, Jess, Alice, Minty, Verity, Trina, JB, Donna, Paul, Martine Cotton, Greg Jard, Amy-Jane, Ian, Sally, Suz … Eve renovations for creating the space we all know and love.. and The always bright, effervescent and entertaining slingers of cake and coffee Sugarbomb girls, Ammie and Nicky – you’s are ace!! Xxx
My gratitude and love to Melanie Mason who reflected my passion for art and together we created at gallery to be reckoned with, and a hub for amazing exhibitions.. Thankyou to all the contributing artists that rocked my soul with their art and made a contribution to my growth as an artist. You too made LFL.
Lastly, to All the wonderful and amazing clients who are in the walls and floors of LFL, who shared their skin and stories.. and all my friends who have helped and supported me, been a friend, played music, got drunk and danced silly.. You all made Lust For Life Tattoo. ⚡️👻⚡️
Thankyou for your understanding…
Rocknroll sweethearts and see you soon  ❤💀❤️ xxx
All my love, AUREOLE.