Dead Scary “Bring Out Your Dead”

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After the overwhelming response to our previous annual exhibitions, we have now opened up our walls again, and invited a range of diverse artists to show work in what is now well established as a Valley favourite in the Brisbane gallery scene.

Dead Scary will feature over 30 Brisbane and interstate artists, showcasing work inspired by the scary, the creepy, and all things horror!

Axe-wielding animals, masked faces, contorted bodies, broken bones and burning flesh is just some of the twisted and terrifying subject matter being explored by this year’s artists.

The inescapable human contemplation of death throughout history, has led to the creation of some of the most infamous monsters and ghouls, with every culture creating their own version of the living dead; zombies, vampires, reanimated and reconstructed corpses, or ghosts. This is the guts, the raw bloody essence of a Dead Scary exhibition, and this year will be bigger, better and bloodier than ever before!

Join us for the opening festivities on Thursday the 29th of October 7-10pm.

Dress in your best deadibones finery and you’ll be in the running for a tattoo voucher from Lust for Life Tattoo’s supreme queen of the Dead Scary – artist, tattooist and owner of Lust for Life Tattoo, Aureole.

Come and enjoy ghastly (but delicious!) treats from the Sugarbomb girls and find out if you’re a ‘fraidy cat when things go bump in the night!Dead Scary will exhibit from 29th October to 14th December (open 7 days/wk).

Viva La Femme 2015!

Lust for Life proudly presents the 4th annual VIVA LA FEMME Exhibition.

11th June – 31st July 2015.

This annual exhibition featuring selected female artists, showcases personal views, attitudes, opinions, aspects and much more encompassed by the word WOMAN.

With an exciting mix of mediums and media, this years exhibition has attracted an unprecedented number of super talented local, interstate and international artists:

Clare Cowly, Venom Vision, Rawbones, Mosessa, Sophie Hanlon, Ania Ganowicz,Braidy Hughes, Karen White, Tracey Choyce, Kelly Morgan, Samantha Gilkes, Jackie Orme Ward from Pendragon Shoes, Charlotte Godinet, Amy Crow, Cally Cronk, Suzie O,Evey, Skinner, Stacey Schinkel, Tulasi Powell, Rosalie Maguire, Rhea Phelan, Summer Hiskins, Larissa Lee, Symone Male , Jessica Gehle, Celeste Mountjoy, Gabrielle Tucker, Sapphire Frater, Tara Raemerd, Trish Linehan, Tiffany Aktin, Chantel Schott, Rikki Mctavish, Eva Beullens, Katherine Moeller, Taylor Jane Wilkshire, Rochelle Buckley, Monica Balaz, Lisa Carsey Dowell, Melanie Mcgrath, Phoebe Kahlo, Anita Pettinato, Zarhara Spring, Sandy Brundvik, Elk Anstey, Jayne Barclay, Vanessa Swift, Sarah Cook, Samantha Randall, Christine Horvei, Kerri Hobba, Cecilia Hine, Naomi Chilcott, Sarah Petersen, Carolyn Watson, Kim Wheeler, Aureole, Chrissa Alexion, Omilee, Coco Star Sims, Hilary Green.

We welcome them and invite you to cordially join us on Thursday 11th of June at 7pm for the launch of this exhibition.

The opening night will feature live music by Brisbane songstress Seja and musical tunes by Dj Black Amex.

The festivities of Viva La Femme also give all the opportunity to check out our recent structural renovations to Lust for Life tattoo gallery and espresso. We are excited to launch with the reimaged evolving space and shine with our new design and expansion. The studio now features a private tattoo space downstairs and a revamp of our enclosed
mezzanine level tattoo studio.

We invite you all to see, hear, taste and explore at the launch of VIVA LA FEMME.



Change Of Season – Group Exhibition


Lust For Life proudly presents multi-artist group exhibition ‘Change Of Season’ on show now until the 31st of May.
The show features works by a  high calibre mix of Brisbane artists with members of the artist collective / gallery space LOVE LOVE contributing multiple pieces.

Alongside these exceptional works are pieces from hyper-realist artist Duncan Mattock using meticulous master techniques and skateboard recycling, Viking depicting artist PhilB who’s work is all skilfully painted during train rides around Brisbane.

Well worth checking out to see works by some of Brisbane’s finest artist.

CHANGE OF SEASON on show now until 31st of May.


Lust for Life Viva La Femme

Deadline extended to the 18th of MAY !!!!!! 

Lust For Life Tattoo is excited to invite all female artists to submit work for our annual VIVA LA FEMME group exhibition. This exhibition celebrates all things FEMALE, through a variety media including paintings, photographs, drawings and mixed media.

Submissions are NOW OPEN for all female artist to share their perception, ideas, emotions, opinions and anything and everything encompassing the Female.

Artist may submit works of any medium and subject matter all 2D works should be no larger than 1m wide x 3 m high

This is a predominately 2D exhibition but this year we are accepting submissions of small sculptural works under 30cm cubed


Submission is free.

Submit as many works as you like.

This is a selection based exhibition

Successfully selected artists will be notified directly by email by the 20th of may with details on payment of entry fee included in your successfully selected artist email.

One $35 fee per artist

The gallery will be taking 30% commission off sales.


Please email submissions (NO larger than 1mb and NO links to websites or facebook albums ) to our curator Melanie Mason –

Please include:

  • > your name,
  • > the title of the work,
  • > the medium,
  • > the size and
  • > the price.


If you are sending work internationally or interstate please let our Curator know via email so correct arrangement for receipt of works can be duly organised

For further info on Viva La Femme please forward enquiries to the curator:
Melanie Mason –

Gyaru – an Exhibition by Tiffany Atkin

DL-flyer-GYARU-tiffanyatkin-web (1)

Local artist Tiffany Atkin openly admits she’s obsessed with Japan and she describes her latest solo exhibition as “Japanfluenced POP illustration with bite!”

In her exhibition GYARU: An exploration of femininity in contemporary Japanese pop culture, not only does the artwork look good enough to eat, the work itself explores some deeper concepts and representations of femininity within Japanese popular culture. Atkin was inspired by how individuality is asserted through fashion and behaviour, and the way this continues to fuel a sense of subversion to mainstream popular culture in Japan.

Her work culminated from many years of ideas, adventures, life lessons, late nights, growth, discovery, loves, losses and a heartfelt respect for a land and culture so significant to her journey as an artist and human.

Local businesses Lust for Life, iro iro POP!, Harajuku Gyoza, 4 Pines Brewing Company, Maiocchi and Takara Gallery Workroom (Japan) have jumped on board to support the talented artist too.

Between the moments of creating and drawing, we managed to sit Tiffany down and discuss her exhibition and her life as an artist.

When did your love affair with Japan begin?

I studied Japanese language and culture in my early school years and continued throughout high school and uni. When I finally moved to Tokyo in 2010 (alone, with no real plan), it was a massive influence on me, both creatively and as a young woman finding my way in the world.

The culture shock was something I embraced, there was certainly an adjustment period as anyone who has spent time actually living in a different country will confirm (particularly one as different as Japan), but I truly loved every moment of altering my perceptions and understanding on everything from making and exhibiting art, designing for Japanese clients, to just buying groceries, social interactions and daily life in general.

I was lucky to have Japanese language skills and an established friend circle there, which made the transition much easier. The whole experience really changed my outlook on so many things, and Tokyo is still my creative muse. The love affair continues!

Have you always wanted to be an artist? Are you fulfilled on your journey? What are your aspirations?

Oddly enough, I was once hurtling down a musical path and probably thought I was going to be some guitar-wielding Aussie rock chick (ha!). I grew up in a musical family (my parents met when my dad joined my mum’s band) and used to write and perform a lot of music both solo and in bands and duos. I had some interest from a few industry notables about recording an album, but I was young and very naive and it all fell through, which was a blessing in hindsight.

I signed up to uni to study design as a backup if my “music career” didn’t eventuate. It sounds really funny to me now looking back, because it didn’t take long to get completely hooked on art, design and illustration, and I have made it my career. I still make music in my home studio, it’s a nice little break from design and illustration that still lets me make something and express myself in a different way.

I’ve recently been working on a few projects where I can combine music and art, and one of my goals for 2015 is to develop that a little more. I am also working towards a show in Tokyo in 2016. I think as an artist, we are never fulfilled, as soon as you feel like you’ve “made it” then you’re no longer growing or moving forward and pretty soon you’ll be left behind. It’s up to us as creatives to constantly keep developing, evolving and seeking our own truths. The journey is never over.

Artists that inspire you?

I admire artists who have made a great career out of their craft. Illustrators like Kat Macleod, Beci Orpin, Bec Winnel, Rik Lee and Bei Badgirl. I am also really inspired by Japanese artists like Yayoi Kusama, and an artist called Xhxix (he is really secretive about his identity but his work is incredible). I also admire lady musos like Adalita, Ella Hooper and Patience from The Grates. They’re just rad folk doing rad things AND they are super nice people.

What do you want people to say as they wander through your exhibition?

“Jeeves, I’ll take one of everything, thank you!” Seriously though, I just want people to feel what I felt when I created the work. Everything in this show is a culmination of many years of ideas and fascination with the beautiful enigma that is Japan. I hope that this underlying personal journey can be felt and appreciated by everyone who views the work.
Best life advice you’ve ever received?

“The only one you truly need to convince/ impress is your toughest critic of all – yourself.” In my industry, and especially with the prevalence of social media, it’s tempting to get hung up on what others are doing/ thinking/ saying/ eating/ breathing/ brushing their teeth with, but ultimately it’s just a waste of time comparing yourself – time that could be spent making something that you can be proud of.

Having said that, I actually really do value social media, it has been a wonderful tool for me to gain exposure and reach a larger audience, but in moderation. I think most would agree it’s a dangerous vice when combined with self-doubt or a bad attitude.

Tell me about some of your experiences in Japan and what they taught you?

I could probably write a very long-winded essay on this subject, but to put it simply – life in Japan not only inspired me artistically, but also changed my perspective on things in general. The efficiency of daily routines and the respect people have for one another has definitely influenced the way I live my life. Moving to a new city alone is also a pretty liberating experience, and Japan was the perfect place to nurture my need for new adventures.

All in all I’d say my experiences in Japan (both as a regular tourist and temporary resident) have given me the confidence in myself as an artist and capable human adult. If I can navigate Shinjuku station, which should have its own postcode, then I’m sure I can (insert seemingly difficult task here!).

GYARU: An exploration of femininity in contemporary Japanese pop culture opens February 5 at Lust for Life Gallery. There will be VIP goody bags for the first few people through the door on opening night so make sure you get there early

Special Thanks to B-Mag.

Dead Scary Group Exhibition – Artist Call Out

Dead Scary Call Out
“Its Not Human And Its Got An Axe”


You are cordially invited to be a part of Lust For Life’s Annual Horror Themed Group exhibition ‘DEAD SCARY”!


This is a Genre specific show, we are hunting for works that evoke aspects of terror, fear, gore, panic, fright and awe. We want to see your interpretations of all things encompassing the rapture of death and your visual representations of what it means to be scared, the stuff of nightmares, properly bone chillingly Dead Scary!


Dead Scary
If this one doesn’t scare you, then you’re already dead!


The specifications for submissions are as follows:
  • Email your images to by Monday the 20th of october 
  • No files larger than 1mb thanks.
  • Include your name, the title and mediums of the works.
  • Artworks must not exceed 1.5m wide by 3m high.
  • Works may be charged a contribution fee of $35 for successfully selected artists to cover opening festivities and printing expenses.
  • Successful submissions will be notified by email on the 21st of Oct.
  • Lust for Life takes a standard commission of 30% on sales.
The exhibition opening event is Thursday the 30th of October
The exhibition will run through to the 30th of Nov.
For any further information please contact Melanie Mason –


photo (7)

VIVE L’HOMME Artist Call Out

Image by Philippe Halsman (1996) 'Dali's Moustache'

Image by Philippe Halsman (1996) ‘Dali’s Moustache’


Inspired by the great success generated over the last 3 years from our Ladies only exhibition Viva La Femme, LUST FOR LIFE is putting the call out to all Manly Type Artists for our inaugural VIVE L’ HOMME (September 2014) exhibition.

We invite Male Artists to submit works that entail aspects of all things ‘Man’, be it fatherhood, brotherhood, strength, boldness, the male form, Machismo, Virility, Masculinity and Anything Blokey

This new dynamic exhibition will be celebrated with an opening event featuring Live music from the Silent Feature Era, The DAPPER DUDE competition judged by local designers/fashion aficionados. We encourage all you men to be a part of a stylish flourish of Handsomeness. Come along dressed in your finest attire, show us your impeccable grooming and maybe a peek of your most beloved bowtie and you could be in the running to win an exclusive Lust for Life Prize pack of $300 tattoo voucher and a bottle of Whiskey complements of our buddies at SABOTAGE SOCIAL. Minor Prizes include Tees, Books and a bottle of Rum from our dear friends JUNGLE BAR. To Enter register HERE.

The event night will also feature a display of custom handmade motorcycles from Solitary Motorcycles.

Information for Male Artists submitting works will be released to our website and our social media sites during July for any further info please contact Mel at

We look forward to seeing all the ace art!


  • Please email your submissions to – Subject :VLH on or before FRIDAY THE 22ND of August;
  • You may submit multiple works;
  • Successfully selected Artist will be notified by email and will need to have their work at the gallery on sunday the 31st of August;
  • There is an entry fee of $30 per artist this fee is to contribute to the opening event and media generated to promote the exhibition;
  • Please provide -your name, a contact number and the title of the work;
  • All submissions must be no larger than 2m high by 1m wide;
  • Artist may submit multiple works;
  • Include an image no larger than 1mb (NO links to social media or websites);
  • All Artwork should be for sale, sale prices should not exceed $1000;
  • All art work must be of a professional standard, dry and ready to hang (d-rings securely attached to back of work);
  • The duration of the exhibition is all of September;
  • Unsold works need to be collected from the gallery on the 28th of september;
  • If you have any questions or need any further information please email the curator on


“Metaphor in Every Corner of the Room” Exhibition Launch Party

Launching on 3rd of July, ‘Metaphor In Every Corner of the Room’ combines the talents of three young Brisbane illustrators into an exhibition that touches on a diverse mural of themes and inspiration. From the Low Brow Punk aesthic of the 80′s & 90′s, to the role light and colour play as a reflection of happiness and texture in everyday plants and objects.

With each artist Phoebe Paradise, Erin Michelle and Elle-Louise Burguez, using and combining their preferred mediums; be it pen and ink illustration, watercolour, gouache, prismacolor pencils, paper – cutouts or texta’s. This exhibition is full of colour and light. Originals and print editions from all artists will be available all through out June and July.

The special launch event on 3rd of July will feature products and merchandise from Lust for Life Tattoo and Sabotage Social, original and prints from exhibiting artists, Phoebe Paradise, Erin Michelle Ward and Elle-Louise Burguez, and will host the launch of new ‘zine: Doing Things.

Be sure to check out new works by these up and coming multi talented Artists.

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Metaphor In Every Corner of the Room

Phoebe Paradise

Launching on 3rd of July, ‘Metaphor In Every Corner of the Room’ combines the talents of three young Brisbane illustrators into an exhibition that touches on a diverse mural of themes and inspiration. From the Low Brow Punk aesthic of the 80’s & 90’s, to the role light and colour play as a reflection of happiness and texture in everyday plants and objects.

With each artist Phoebe Paradise, Erin Michelle and Elle-Louise Burguez, using and combining their preferred mediums; be it pen and ink illustration, watercolour, gouache, prismacolor pencils, paper – cutouts or texta’s. This exhibition is full of colour and light. Originals and print editions from all artists will be available all through out June and July.

The special launch event on 3rd of July will feature products and merchandise from Lust for Life Tattoo and Sabotage Social, original and prints from exhibiting artists, Phoebe Paradise, Erin Michelle Ward and Elle-Louise Burguez, and will host the launch of new ‘zine: Doing Things.

Be sure to check out new works by these up and coming multi talented Artists.

metaphor triptych 2

Artist Call Out for August Gallery Slot

Gallery Shot Viva La Femme Launch -022 at 960 px wide


Attention Artists!

Lust For Life welcomes proposals of interest for our last available gallery exhibition slot in 2014 in the month of AUGUST.

This is a wonderful opportunity for local Artist to exhibit at a innovative contemporary art -space. Lust For Life Gallery, since it’s inception, has built a reputation of hosting diverse, high calibre monthly exhibition from emerging through to established artist (create list of artists)

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural precinct Lust For Life Gallery is a perfect platform to both experience the vibrant arts atmosphere of the city and present work in a central and dynamic space

Please forward proposals to the Curator Melanie Mason –

Viva La Femme

Viva La Femme

Lust For Life Gallery is proud to present Viva La Femme, our annual women’s artists exhibition showcasing 20 female artist from Brisbane and the surrounds. These women have come together via a variety of paintings, photographs, drawings and mixed media works to strikingly communicate their shared perspective of all things celebrating the woman.

Contributing artists include Rose Brixton, Kellie Jagoe, Cherie Barben, Rachel Hanwick, Kim Wheeler, Tiffany Atkin, Symone Male, Molly Shields, Candice Tomlinson, Vanessa Perske, Eleisha Boevink, Sundari Vanwolf, Marlene Butteriss, Rachael Bartram, Ajane, Nila Vanwolf, Phoebe Kahlo, Penny Lonie, Clare Stephens, Venom Vision, Kerri Hobba and Aureole.

Join us Thursday the 1st of May at 7-9 pm at the VIVA LA FEMME LAUNCH. Lisa Fa’alafi will be showcasing her own comedic cabaret brand of Pacific performance, bringing humour, political edge, intricate and evolving costume design and a provoking analysis of the ‘exotic’ notion of Pacific culture. Hadouken Espresso will be serving drinks on the night (gold coin donations appreciated).

Lust for Life Gallery focuses on presenting emerging and established high caliber artists exhibiting creativity and determination to enhance the unique distinctive culture of Brisbane’s art scene.

VIVA LA FEMME is exhibiting through to the 1st of June.


Viva La Femme Launch Party Social Pics

How awesome was that launch party! Have a look at our sexy Viva La Femme exhibition artists and their audience, would you! God we’re a lucky bunch.

And here’s a special treat for you! This is Mamakokonuti’s kickass performance from that night:


Ephemera! Meet the artists this Saturday!

Ephemera: A unique collection of original artworks on display till April 30th, 2014.

Contributing artists include: Tiffany Atkin, Laura the Drawer, Alex Hudson, Mason Sinclair, Aureole, What Little Remains, Laura Patterson Braidy Hughes and Team Nigh

Meet and greet the Ephemera artists Saturday March 29th at 2-5pm at Lust for Life Gallery.

Join us for hot new coffee and cakes by our lovely Amy’s Hadouken espresso.

Check out the show and meet this talented group of Brisbane artists!

IMG_6830Lust for Life Gallery - Ephemera Exhibition, 2014.