Hey Cancer- Don’t Fuck with Fred. Brisbane Fundraising gigs May 8th and 9th 2015

freds fundraiser

Our great mate Fred is going through some tough times at the moment so we are putting together a couple of massive gigs to help him out. Fred has always been there for anyone to give them a helping hand or advice as well as playing in numerous bands around Brisbane for the last 30+ years including SixFtHick, Blowhard, The Fred Band, Jim Rockfords, New Improved Testament, Public Execution and the Surfari Krishnas to name just a few.

The first gig will be at the Chardons Corner Hotel, Annerley on Friday May 8th and the second at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Nundah on Saturday May 9th

Bands for Friday May 8th at Chardons Corner:
Blowhard, Flangipanis, Turnpike, Mouthguard and Release the Hounds.

Bands for Saturday May 9th at the Prince of Wales Hotel are:
Shandy, The Dirty F Holes, Boondall Boys, Fun With Explosives andGoldstool

Raffle prizes so far include
$100 gift voucher from Vital Juices Records
Tattoo vouchers from Lust For Life Tattoo
A painting from Dame-Glenn Brady
$100 voucher for Prince of Wales Hotel
$100 voucher for Chardons Corner Hotel
$400 voucher from Knight Photography
Signed photo of Australian Motorcycle Champion, Darcy Ward, fromBrisbane Motorcycle Spares & Repairs
$50 voucher from Cobblestone Fashion
$100 voucher from The Low Road Cafe
$100 voucher from the Hamilton Hotel
2 bottles of Opal Nera Sambucca and an 1125ml bottle of Bundy Five[white rum] donated by a private donar
$100 voucher from the Camp Hill Hotel
Miss Music Biz has donated the following items as well
1. Digitech Effects Pedal, Modelling guitar Processor.
2. Behringer Virtualizer Pro Effects Processor.
3. Korg AX1500 Guitar Processor.
4. A Dean Markley Acoustic Guitar Pickup